El Vuelo de

las Libélulas

Little people in little places doing little things
are capable to change the world.


"Being a Dragonfly is a way of life it is the soul condition that leads you to be the tailor who mends the wings of those who have lost the ability to fly. By weaving in a thread of empathy and respect, with the hope of seeing them soar."

- The Dragonflies -

our history

In 2017, the “Flight of the Dragonflies” was born spontaneously when a small group of women came together to help address situations of vulnerability within the community. They worked independently, without the umbrella of an NGO, and anonymously, without the need for their charitable work to be recognized.

Asociación el vuelo de las Libélulas

In March 2020, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world changed. Due to the moment’s urgency, the Flight of the Dragonflies decided to modify its method to reach more families. In just one year, we helped over 600 people. Some were already vulnerable, but many others were middle-class families, which the pandemic left overwhelmed. Incredible stories emerged of struggle, triumph, dedication, and solidarity.

The association of the Flight of the Dragonflies is made up of the six founding Dragonflies as of May 2021, with their large doses of solidarity and the will to carry out the project with great enthusiasm.

Asociación el vuelo de las Libélulas


We aim to respond in an agile and effective manner to our members’ issues, helping them recover their lives with dignity. We provide immediate solutions to their basic needs, tools, and advice to face the social and labor changes that emerge in their lives.


A fairer society in which families have their basic needs covered. A community where people do not feel alone and have access to resources and advice preventing them from stagnating in a life situation they do not know how to manage.


Love for our neighbor, honesty, transparency, effort, equality, and respect for the environment.

Asociación el vuelo de las Libélulas



Dragonflies have several ways of collecting food, hygiene, and household cleaning products, distributed once a week to families in need. We prepare large batches to last two to three weeks, including fresh products (fruit and vegetables, meat and fish). We aim to work with local businesses, so the help is twofold -- the families are provided with essential products while supporting the local economy (groceries, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, etc.).


This project was born out of the community's solidarity; upon seeing the needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they began to donate clothes and shoes so that the Dragonflies could distribute them to families in need. Different collection points are used throughout the municipality to reach more families. On some occasions, we also act as intermediaries to exchange furniture, household goods, or other material goods requested. To do this, we use different means such as social media networks or word-of-mouth.


This program, run in parallel with the food lots, provides local restaurants with a weekly budget for preparing hot food. The food is then distributed twice a week among needy families in the neighborhood of the chosen restaurants. Thus, this project fulfills a double task by helping local restaurants sustain their activity and staff while providing quality cooked food (with a healthy diet) to families in need.


The Dragonflies know that the fundamental part of improving a family's well-being is employment. That is why we intend to create a work program with three different areas.

1.- Help unemployed people write their resumes, optimizing the content for each job profile. We will also help in creating a cover letter, an essential part of the job search process.
2.- Create a database that allows us to catalog users based on their profiles, experiences, and skills to respond quickly to a job offer.
3.- Offer all our support through advice and monitoring during the job search process. We also help search for training opportunities to allow for improved job search options and increased self-esteem.

This project aims to inform, guide, and help families carry out the necessary steps to obtain the critical financial and social support that can help them. In many cases, families do not have aid because they are unaware of its existence or are not familiar with applying for it.


Another of the fundamental pillars for improving the family well being is training. The Training & Development program aims to focus on four different areas:
1. Provide our users with basic computer skills. One of the problems that we have detected is that many of our users lack IT knowledge. This places them in a vulnerable situation when job searching, requesting help or carrying out any administrative procedure. Keep in mind that today almost everything is done electronically.
2. Introduce users to the world of social media networks and internet search. From our point of view, this is essential to expand their possibilities of re-entering the job market.
3. Offer the possibility of training in different disciplines, creating a range of courses that help expand their knowledge. We provide them with all the tools so that they can fly again in the world of work.
4. Peer support groups. Create support groups among users so that they can support each other. The group support allows them to be more aware of their abilities while helping them to improve their self-esteem.


Small gestures on your part can mean a lot to those in need.
There are many ways to help, all of them are important.


Food donation is the most important since it responds to the most basic needs. You can do it by taking food to a collection point, doing a small collection campaign, or sending a Bizum payment to collaborating local food establishments. With the Bizum payment, we help the local small businesses, and we will purchase from them the food for your donation amount.

Whenever you make a Bizum donation, put the word "Libelulas" in the concept and let us know privately through our Facebook page so we can follow up with the food purchase.


You can deposit them at our collection points. They must be in good condition; the people we help deserve no less. As with food, let us know to pick up your donation.


You can donate through our website using Paypal. One hundred percent of the funds will be used to cover the needs of the most disadvantaged in our community.


Sometimes we need volunteers for cleaning, maintenance, and events. We are happy to take your contact information, and we will call you if we need help.


It can be handy if you have a van; in many cases, we have donations of appliances or furniture and large food collections. In these cases, we need someone who can help us with the transportation. If you can help, send us your information by messenger through our Facebook page, and we will call you when needed.


All proposals are welcome! We are a group of people helping people, and anyone can submit an idea for making things better. We assure you that we will review your idea and contact you if we see the concept is viable.



Avda. Estrella del mar 18
Nueva Torrequebrada Shopping Center
Planta 0 (above the pharmacy)
Benalmádena - Malaga


Avda. Estrella del mar 18 
Benalmádena - Málaga


Avda. Garcia Lorca 28 (next to La Canasta) 
Benalmádena - Málaga


Asociación el vuelo de las Libélulas

Bazar la Caleta -

Food, hygiene and cleaning products

Frutería Los niños - 634834567

Fruit and vegetables

Carnicería Huerta Martin - 685828449

Butcher shop

Papeleria Diego - 600633259

School supplies

Tienda Nueva - 678873337

Fruit and vegetables

Frutas El Valle - 643776964

Fruit and vegetables

Pescadería Tierra & mar - 646557635

Fish and shellfish

Papeleria Lola - 660021424

School supplies