El Vuelo de

las Libélulas

Little people in little places doing little things are capable of changing the world.


"Being a dragonfly is a way of life, a condition of soul that leads you to be the tailor that mends the wings of those who have lost the ability to fly, weaving with a thread of listening and care, walking beside them with the hope to see them take flight”


In 2017 “El Vuelo De Las Libélulas” was born spontaneously, when a women, the current president of the association, began  to help wherever she detected a

Situation of possible vulnerability. She involved other people of the municipality anonymously, working without being under the umbrella of an association or NGO, without the need for their altruistic work to be recognized towards those residents of Benalmádena who needed their wings.

Asociación el vuelo de las Libélulas

In March 2020 with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world changed, and due to the urgency at the time, El Vuelo De Las Libélulas modified their action protocols, thus being able to help many more families. During the first year from the start of the pandemic, there were some six hundred families helped by the association. Some of them were already in a situation of vulnerability, but many others were middle-class families, that the pandemic dragged into a desperate situation.

At this stage some incredible stories emerged of struggle, of overcoming, of dedication and of solidarity, which strengthened the determination of Libélulas and lead to their consolidation as an association.

The Association «El Vuelo de las Libélulas» was constituted by the six founding dragonflies in May 2021


In El Vuelo de las Libélulas we study each case that reaches us, thus determining what action to carry out with each family, in order to guide and help them to the best situation possible under the circumstances. Our collaboration with families varies greatly depending on each case, we can temporarily cover their basic needs for food, clothing or necessary belongings, accompany them in carrying out difficult administrative procedures, help them with advice, training or job search support. These actions are carried out both with the invaluable help of other associations involved in the fight against vulnerability, as well as with ordinary citizens who offer their time, their knowledge and their generosity, and that, day after day, demonstrate that together we are stronger.

Asociación el vuelo de las Libélulas


To respond quickly and effectively to the problems of its users helping them to recover their life with dignity, contributing with as many immediate solutions at the level of basic needs, as well as tools and advice to enable them to cope with the social and work changes that arise in their lives.


To be more than just a society in which families receive their basic needs.

To be an entity that ensures that people do not feel alone, and can have at their disposal resources and advice that help them to not get stuck in an unwanted situation because they do not know how to manage or solve it


Love of neighbours, honesty, transparency, effort, equality and respect to the environment.

Asociación el vuelo de las Libélulas



Libélulas have several ways of collecting food products, as well as hygiene and cleaning products, which once a week are distributed among the families in need. We always try to prepare large batches, so they can last between two and three weeks, including fresh products (fruit and vegetables, meat and/or fish). Our purpose is to work with local businesses thus the help is doubled and families in need are provided with basic products, while promoting the local economy (grocers, greengrocers, butchers, and fishmongers, etc


This project was born from the solidarity of the neighbours, who, seeing the real need of the people, after the COVID-19 pandemic, they began to donate clothing and footwear so that Libélulas could distribute it among the Families in need. Different collection points are used throughout the municipality in order to reach more families. Sometimes we act as intermediaries for the exchange of furniture, belongings or of any material good that they request. For this, we use different media such as social networks.


During the pandemic, many people were faced with the problem of not having a place to cook and in many cases, the lack of food made it very difficult to cook balanced, nutritious and healthy dishes. The Solidarity of Restaurants program arose to provide a solution to these situations and at the same time contributed to several establishments being able to alleviate the effects of a stage in which it was difficult to make money due to restrictions. Financial donations were used to pay for the cooked food, which the restaurants delivered to the final consumer and thus both benefitted. Currently, the Solidarity of Restaurants program has been reduced to giving help to homeless people or emergency situations.


Las Libélulas know that the basis for improving the family economy is employment. For this reason we are preparing a training and employment program, which is divided into three different lines of work.
1.- Search for courses to train users, so that they can acquire new knowledge that increases the chances of getting employment.
2- We help unemployed users in writing their CVs, and cover letters, optimizing their content for each job profile. They are also helped to prepare for the interviews and we try complement their knowledge if necessary and help them with image advice so that they feel more secure during the interview.
3.- We contact businessmen in the area who at one point suggested they may need personnel, to establish a communication flow that benefits both parties, the businessman thereby obtaining candidates quickly and our users facilitating their access to a job position.


With this project we intend to inform and accompany our users in carrying out procedures that can sometimes be complex to perform, in some cases due to lack of knowledge, in others due to problems to get around, because they don't speak the language or for many other reasons. In many cases, families do not have the necessary help or documentation for not being aware of their existence.


Small gestures on your part can mean a lot to those in need.
There are many ways to help, all of them are important.

help lines

If you want to collaborate with us, send us an email to libelulasbenalmadena@gmail.com, and will will analyze your profile to see how you can collaborate with us.


Food is a totally essential basic need, in El Vuelo De Las Libélulas we cannot allow any of our citizens to go hungry and we will do everything in our power to prevent it. You can help us in several ways, buying food and taking it to a collection point, making a small collection on your own to get food, or sending a transfer to our account number, indicating what type of establishment you want us to allocate it, we will redirect your donation to one of the local food establishments that collaborate with us, in this way, we help local businesses, and we will collect food for the amount of your donation. You can request proof of our management for greater transparency.


You can also deposit them at our collection points. It is important that are in good condition, the people we help do not deserve less. When you deposit clothes or belongings at our collection points, please let us know so we can go pick up your donation and not collapse the establishments that are offered for this purpose.


If you want to make a donation you can do so by bank transfer writing the word “Donation” in the form’s concept box. You can make your donation to the following account number:

ES31 2100 2678 9502 1038 8227

Donations will go one hundred percent to cover the needs of the most needy. If you want to become a member of our association, please write an email to the email address libelulasbenalmadena@gmail.com and we will send you a form to fill in and become a member of our association. You can also fill in the form downloading the following QR code.

In both cases, please schedule a recurring transfer, monthly or annually with your bank to make the payments, writing your name and surname in the concept box.


You don't need to have much free time, we value your time, whatever the number of hours you can dedicate to us


If you have a van it can be very useful to us as in many cases we have donations of household appliances, or furniture or there are also collections of large amounts of food.


All proposals are welcome, this is a support group and anyone can submit a proposal to make things better. We assure you that we will review them and if we see them viable we will contact you.



Avda. Estrella del mar 18
Centro comercial Nueva Torrequebrada
Planta 0 (sobre la farmacia)
Benalmádena - Malaga


Avda. Estrella del mar 2
Centro comercial Torrenueva
Nueva Torrequebrada
Benalmádena - Malaga


Avda. Garcia Lorca 28 (Justo a la Canasta) 
Benalmádena - Málaga


Calle Pepa Guerra Valdenebro, local 17
Benalmádena – Málaga


Avda. Estrella del mar 18
Planta 0 (peluquería canina)
Nueva Torrequebrada
Benalmádena – Málaga


C/Oropendola 6
Benalmádena - Málaga

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